Photo by Shudder 


From Brazil to the United States, transforming my surroundings has always been something that I've aspired to do. My name is Kaio Cesar, and I'm a photographer.

My fascination with imagery began when I was very young. I was constantly rummaging through all types of art, watching how people perceived the world around them. Now at age 24 with a little more life experience, my aim with my own photos is always to capture life in an unrealistic way. I want to bring abnormal to the normal with the help of graphic design, and grant people the freedom to see themselves as pieces of art. I want people to view their lives in an elevated way, whether they be in front of the camera or looking at the art that I've created.

With less than one year into my career I had caught the attention and worked in big productions for notorious people, having my work featured on huge platforms such as Vogue.

Photography has that power. It can be impactful, shocking, and poetic all while being simple. All it takes is an idea. In color or without it, I can help you bring your ideas to life.

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